strength: verb


1. The ability to produce force against external resistance



1. a room used primarily for conversation & the reception of family and guests

2. a shop or business providing a specific good or service

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The Strength Parlor is a professionally coached gym focused on improving health and fitness with barbell technical mastery, intelligent programming and supportive community. Our facility is outfitted with the highest-quality strength and conditioning equipment that money can buy. The sturdiest most economic racks, the grippiest most diverse selection of barbells, more than three-thousand pounds of calibrated steel plates, wide and sticky benches at each of our eight beautifully designed platforms along with an array of the world's best bikes, rowers, sleds and more. Great attention to detail is honored with even the most seemingly minute decisions. From equipment selection to organization, storage and cleaning systems to the visual and auditory touches that contribute greatly to our motivating atmosphere. Trust us when we say that even our hand soap has survived the rigors of lengthy contemplation.


This same attention to detail is applied to our coaching. We believe there is a tremendous difference between trainer and coach. An excellent coach thoroughly understands the details of the specific model or models that form the foundation of success with any specific endeavor. He can clearly teach and communicate the "ins and outs" with brief verbal, visual and tactile cues that effortlessly produce movement that fits the agreed upon model. His knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, physics, programming, technique and nutrition is admirable but there is an understanding that this is a life-long quest. A quest where the good of others is reliant upon humbleness overcoming pride.


We believe there is tremendous value to be had from coaching blah blah