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Individual needs and desires vary greatly. “One size fits all” is a fallacy. Sufficient time spent discussing, sharing, and planning a personalized roadmap is exactly what our complimentary consultation is all about. We desire to truly understand you while recognizing your need to clearly understand our services. Each consultation concludes with a one-on-one coaching session focused on optimizing techniques with foundational exercises. Absolutely zero strings (or contracts) attached. We value your freedom and understand the importance of finding the right “fit” when it comes to your health and fitness needs.


As a member, individualized workouts are easily accessible and carefully updated daily by our coaching staff using our user-friendly app. Your coach is only a quick message away from answering questions and providing guidance related to your training, nutrition, and more. Most of your time is spent navigating life outside the gym; we strive to support deeper accountability. 


In the gym, we prefer to coach in a group setting. Our multiple coach system allows the same one-on-one attention expected with personal training. Not only are we able to help improve the lives of more people this way, but we can also keep our fee as low as $20-40 per 90-minute session. All of this with the additional layer of support, encouragement, and training atmosphere that can only be provided by like-minded trainees of The Strength Parlor community. 


Young, old, athletic, uncoordinated, male, female, strong, weak, fit, unfit… Our community is diverse yet united by a desire and vision for self-improvement. 


If you have any interest at all, please don’t hesitate. We are happy to answer questions and provide additional information. Even better, click the link and schedule your complimentary consultation. 


Yours in strength,


The Strength Parlor

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