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Cody Miller - Coach/Owner

Cody Miller has 18 years of experience coaching physical fitness and strongly values a holistic approach for optimizing health.

Personalized strength and conditioning layered on a foundation of quality sleep, nutrition, stress management, and mental hygiene.

Cody quickly became passionate about serving the broader general public while personal training to fund his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Exercise Science. He has since contributed to countless physical and mental transformations, rehabilitations, and competitive performance achievements of individuals ranging from children to older adults.

Cody also holds the Professional Barbell Coach credential through Barbell Logic and has been a staff coach since the company first began. Cody has also held certifications through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Crossfit, United States Weightlifting, National Academy of Sports Medicine, and Starting Strength.

Founding The Strength Parlor in October of 2019 was one of the most rewarding decisions he has ever made. Cody feels blessed to serve such a wonderful, diverse, and growing gym family brought together by a desire for personal growth and community.

Outside the gym, you will find Cody spending time with his beautiful wife and baby boy, overthinking the scientific details of coffee brewing, traveling, and writing songs with his beloved guitar.

Kevin Peters - Coach, PBC

Kevin has a long history of coaching and athletics. Athletically, Kevin was a collegiate Track and field and Volleyball athlete, continuing volleyball, both indoor and beach, throughout his adult life. Kevin’s desire to compete and love for physical activity eventually led to eight knee surgeries and rehabs. The loss of strength caused by the surgery and rehab process was glaring and this led Kevin to The Strength Parlor.
Seeing first-hand the value that The Strength Parlor’s coaching and training methodology brings, Kevin dedicated himself to helping others and became a Professional Barbell Coach.

Prior to coaching, Kevin spent his professional career helping his clients achieve their goals and solve their problems. He owned and operated an independent financial planning and consulting firm before moving to a Fortune-250 company where he manages a sales and consulting team.

Kevin enjoys working with all types of clients. Whether you are trying to be a better athlete, recover strength after surgery, squeeze self-improvement into a busy schedule, or just feel better overall Kevin has likely experienced similar firsthand and would love to help.

Austin Dietrich - Coach

Austin’s fitness journey began in 2012 as a skinny high school freshman. He dabbled with various training methods but eventually found barbell training to produce the most favorable results. The pursuit of strength led to confidence and a training passion that is a shame not to share.

​Austin thus began coaching in 2015 and eventually was led to The Strength Parlor in 2018. He now has seven years of coaching experience, a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science (Missouri Baptist University) and a Precision Nutrition L1 certification. Always the first to greet and consistently travel the extra mile for our community; The Strength Parlor is honored to have Austin!

Sandy Juhala - Coach, PBC

Sandy’s fitness journey began after years of putting self-care on the back burner while raising her kids, supporting their activities, and working to build her career as a special education teacher. It caught up with her when she found herself at the heaviest weight she had ever been and so out-of-shape that she was unable to participate in a one-mile hike with her family while on vacation.


When she returned home from that fateful trip, she signed up for a year of personal training. This led her to begin Crossfit, training and competing locally. Sandy has also trained and competed in Olympic Weightlifting, and began powerlifting under the instruction of Cody Miller in 2018.


Sandy discovered early in this journey that she wanted to eventually share the knowledge that she was learning in order to support others striving to achieve their own fitness and body composition goals. Coaching is an ideal way to combine 23+ years of teaching with a love for fitness.


Sandy obtained her USAW Level 1 certification and began coaching Olympic Weightlifting classes in 2019 and added personal training and group fitness classes in 2020.  Sandy began coaching at The Strength Parlor in 2021, earning the Barbell Logic Professional Barbell Coach credential in 2022. In addition, Sandy holds certifications as a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (NESTA), Pain-Free Performance Specialist, and Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach.


“I’ve always wanted to be strong. A strong woman, a strong individual, and a strong mother,” Sandy says. “For so much of my life, I felt weak. My personal fitness journey has made me stronger -- physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Coaching allows me to empower, motivate, encourage, and support others in their journeys. It provides an opportunity to give back to the community that has given me so much.”

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