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Nutrition/Lifestyle Meeting April 23rd

Proactive Sleep Improvement Guide:

1.) Obligations and distractions aside, how many hours of sleep are ideal for you to feel your best?

a. This is your long-term goal/target

b. Typically, 7-9 hours

c. Research proves that one has a greater likelihood of being struck by lightning than thriving off less than 7 hours sleep

2.) How many hours of sleep are you currently averaging?

a. If uncertain, monitor and record the date, bedtime, and wake time for the next 7 days

b. Pay attention to the weekend. Sticking to your weekday wake time ensures greater quality of sleep.

c. Weekday sleep debt cannot be “made up” or balanced with additional weekend sleep

d. “Hunger” for above average weekend sleep is clear sign of deprivation

3.) What is the earliest time you must be awake by during an average week?

a. Even if it’s only a single day, this should be your target daily wake time

b. Your first process goal is to wake at this predetermined time for seven days straight

c. Aim for an ideal bedtime but prioritize the consistency of your wake time FIRST

4.) What time should you go to bed in-order to hit your ideal sleep target?

a. Your second process goal is to lie in bed 15 minutes earlier for a single week (while continuing to wake at the same time each day)

b. If you cannot fall asleep: Get out of bed, leave the room, and participate in a quiet, non-engaging activity until sleep pressure increases

c. Consistency is key. It may take time, but you WILL adjust

d. Once adapted, move bedtime another 15 minutes earlier and repeat this process until your ideal sleep target is met

e. Be patient as this may take many months!

5.) What challenges are holding you back?

a. Identify, assess, and modify

b. Identify the non-negotiable cornerstones of your bedtime routine but also the modifiable pieces

c. Which activities bring value? Which activities subtract?

d. Can any of these be shortened or transitioned to an earlier slot of your day?

e. Set timers/reminders

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